WE KNOW how important your loved one’s recovery is to the entire family. To help answer any questions you may have regarding visitation, phone calls, and/or care packages, please see below.

Item Drop off hours:

8 am – 4 PM Monday – Friday, no holidays

Drop offs may also be made during an approved visit on the weekends

If you have any questions on what to bring or about visitation guidelines that may not be answered below, please call: 866-729-8038

The following is a list of recommended care package items that you can bring to a loved one.

Please no pornographic, sexually suggestive, alcohol, or drug related advertising materials of any sort.

Good attitude

Inspirational items

Cards with words of encouragement

Photos of loved ones

Childrens artwork


Recovery appropriate books

Inspirational quote books

Any “Allowed” items listed under “What to Expect

Vending machine money

When Can I Call?

You may call the facility in which your loved one is receiving treatment at any time with general questions; however, you will not be able to speak with your loved one directly. Please leave any messages with the receptionist and your loved one may call you back, if they wish, at an appropriate time for them during their stay.

When Can I Visit?

Visitation hours are on Saturdays and Sundays and each client is assigned a specific day which they will be able to communicate to you. Clients must graduate to phase 2 and guests must be approved prior to visitation. Approved list is completed through the clients meeting with our clinical team or in the client’s therapy sessions. Visitations will be approximately 90 minutes in length and clients may have up to 2 adults plus children.

Please note additional instructions may be provided at time of visit. Please call with any questions: 866-729-8038

All clients are to remain in the visiting area during the entire visit. No exceptions are allowed.

When VISITORS come into our facility the following rules must be followed:

  1. All visitors must adhere to appropriate clothing attire.
  2. All visitors (including children) and items will be thoroughly searched prior to visitation admittance.
  3. All personal items must be left in the car: i.e. purses, cell phones, etc.
  4. All visitors will be asked to take care of personal issues prior to meeting with clients: i.e. bathroom, smoke break, etc.